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Personalized Treatment of Mental Health

We connect mental health professionals with individuals to provide optimal treatment support.

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The solution supports

multi-disciplinary teams to provide excellent mental health services.

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Learn how to take care

of your mental health with the help of the Monsenso app.

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The application

The Monsenso solution is a software (Software as a Medical Device SaMD) for mental health professionals developed by industry leaders and mental health professionals.
Using the Monsenso app, patients monitor their well-being, symptoms, medication and behavior during the day through self-reported data.
Mental health professionals have access to patient’s data through Monsenso's dashboard and the ability to monitor fluctuations in patients' mental health status. Monsenso's innovative software, provides them with visualizations of patient’s data and identifies areas that may require medical attention or a change in a patient's treatment plan.

The Monsenso digital health solution / application can support prevention, early intervention and treatment of a wide range of conditions, such:

• Depression
• Bipolar disorder
• Anxiety
• Schizophrenia
• Borderline personality disorder
• Addiction and substance abuse

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The Monsenso solution is easy to use and cloud-based, so patients can access their data anytime, anywhere.



  • Self- assessment and questionnaires
  • Sensor data collection from phones and wearables
  • Medications and sessions reminders
  • Visualization and motivational feedback
  • Psychoeducation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Secure direct messaging


  • Self-assessments
  • Questionnaires
  • Range of learning tools
  • Psychoeducation
  • Comments


  • Visualization of patient’s data and treatment plans
  • Patient dashboard
  • Historical overview
  • Correlation analysis *
  • Notes and medical record
  • Secure direct messaging

* For research purposes only


  • Instant, easy and affordable way to collect real data
  • Historical aggregation of health and behavioural data
  • Statistical descriptors
  • Correlation between behavioural data and illness progression
  • Pattern analysis
  • Predictive analytics and mood forecasting
  • Risk assessment

* For research purposes only

Visualized data act as a reminder for application users

Visualized data act as a reminder for application users

Upcoming session reminders, self-assessments and a range of learning tools

Upcoming session reminders, self-assessments and a range of learning tools

Clear picture of potential behavior acting as triggers

Clear picture of potential behavior acting as triggers

Visualization allows clinicians to monitor patient’s variations

Visualization allows clinicians to monitor patient’s variations

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote monitoring, blended care and early intervention based on patient’s health data collected through patient’s smartphones

Constant awareness

Continuous insight, adherence, and outcomes through self-reported and data that monitor key metrics such as respiratory rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure, heart rate, and other critical health functions.

Efficient triage

Remotely identify patients in need of care and provide the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Patient’s engagement

Help increase adherence to treatment and medication, while giving patients the opportunity to manage their mental health

A highly scalable solution that supports 11 languages (including Greek) and can be used by small clinics, large hospitals and health systems, as well as global R&D projects. Monsenso adheres to the highest security standards. The solution is a CE-marked, Class 1 Medical Device that holds the TGA Certification and Cyber Essentials Certification. Monsenso A/S is certified in ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 and is HIPAA compliant.

• Can help reduce the risk of hospital readmissions
• Optimizes the collaboration between the patients and clinician
• Facilitates early intervention
• Contributes to increase adherence to treatment and medication
• Enables flexible consultations based on need
• Allows clinicians to be better prepared for a consultation
• Empowers carers and individuals

About ​­ us

Mental Health Solutions has a partnership with Monsenso A/S, an innovative technology company that has developed a digital solution / application that helps optimize the treatment of mental disorders. Our aim is to adapt and promote this innovative digital solution in the Greek market.

Our company is guided by experts in the psychiatry field, which ensures that all our products are tailored to individuals and the wider market they serve.

Our goal is to help provide better mental health care to more people at a lower cost through a digital health solution based on real-time data and analytics.

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    Psychis Omma Mental Health Solutions | G.E.MI. No.: 162604301000

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